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5 things to see in Riccione (beyond nightclubs)

Main sights and best places to visit in one of the most famous city in Riviera Romagnola

There is a whole universe in Riccione beyond nightclubs and famous nightlife “made in Riviera Romagnola”.

A lot of opportunities are waiting for you a few kilometer away from Rimini: Riccione can satisfy either families and couples, backpackers and art-lovers.

Find out the best 5 things to see in Riccione and its surroundings. 

1.Best things to see in Riccione: Viale Ceccarini and luxury shopping

pexels photo 135620

Holidays are made to relaxing and allow yourself some whim. For this reason, in an important holiday destination as Riccione, must be present a wide offer of clothing store and luxury shops.

Viale Ceccarini is the key point of shopping and restaurants in Riccione and also one of the most famous boulevard on the Riviera.

Restaurants, boutiques and shops for all the necessities: Viale Ceccarini is simply a necessary step of your trip in Rimini and its surroundings, either if you are looking for an article of clothing or a lovely tavern.

For more information visit the official website of Viale Ceccarini, where you can find a list of shops, promotions and events.

2. Best things to see in Riccione: an evening on the Lungomare della Libertà

lungomare riccione

After a day spent strolling among shops in Viale Ceccarini, the sun goes down and the evening offers a pleasant temperature for a walk on Lungomare della Libertà.

Lungomare della Liberta is the boardwalk of Riccione and with no doubt one of the most charming place in the city.

In the evening, the boardwalk is a peaceful pedestrian and bicycle lane and also a model of perfect green spaces maintenance.

Walking down the avenue you can find benches, color fountains, hedges and many types of flowers.

The urban furniture (made of wood and Carrara marble) has been treated carefully, with the purpose of provide a remarkable location for a walk.

Together with Viale Ceccarini, Lungomare della Libertà is one of the must-see places in Riccione, in a summer or spring day trip.

3. Best things to see in Riccione: Aquafan (for kids and families)

Riccione Aquafan archivio aquafan 16

Are you looking for something to do with your kids and the family in Riccione? The answer is really simple: Aquafan is the funniest destination!

Swimming pools, water slides, waves, water games and trampolines: there is all you need for a day of amusement with all the family.

Many shows, concerts, entertainment events and much more that satisfy all ages.

This is the official website of Aquafan, for opening times, programs and more info.

4. Best things to see in Riccione: the Agolanti Castle

Castello degli Agolanti 05
A few minutes away from the music and the nightclubs, there is a place of ancient charm and a piece of Romagna history.

The Agolanti Castle was erected by the Agolanti family in 14th century, under the protection of the Malatestas and after their escape from Florence.

Since then, the castle lived several “lives”, at first as an Austrian observation point and then as the residence of Christina of Sweden.

Lately, Riccione’s administration undertook a significant renovation of this fortification, with the purpose of give it a new life and a leading role in the conservation of Romagna culture and history.

Nowadays, the Agolanti Castle hosts many cultural events, concerts and art expositions.

5. Best things to see in Riccione: the aquatic life of Oltremare

Senza titolo 1

In our list of best places to see in Riccione, we must include the Oltremare Park as a place of knowledge and didactic experience.

The park has lately renewed its offer with the Dolphin Lagoon: two emotional shows with dolphins: “Dream” and “Meet the dolphins”.

Didactical activities allow to have a direct contact with the sea-life and its amazing and intelligent creatures.

An interesting tour at Oltremare Park is the perfect solution for kids and adults in a day of rain in Riccione.

For more informations, pricing and opening times, go to the official Oltremare website.


It’s hard to describe Riccione and its surrounngs in a few lines.

There are so many attractions and things to do in this city, which every year set a lot of improvements to remain on the top of favourites destinations for italian and international visitors.

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