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Mirabilandia Amusement Park: magical attractions for everyone!

International Camping Village Riccione, close to Wonderland and all the best of Emilia Romagna fun parks

A holiday on the Adriatic Coast is not complete without a visit to at least one of the amusement parks, the most beautiful and famous in Italy. And among these, Wonderland is undoubtedly the one that offers the greatest number of different attractions for children, adults and for all ages.

Less than an hour by the International Riccione Camping Village you will find a park with a wonderful set design, which will make it even better the day's fun on the rides, from classic like the Carousel with horses, to the most innovative and modern as the 'iSpeed, the fastest roller coaster in Europe ... without forgetting the aquatic ones, and shows that you can enjoy with friends or family and will leave you amazed!

Mirabilandia is divided into thematic areas where the attractions are divided:

Far West Valley: feel the real cowboys and explore the Wild West! Try the swirling Rodeo Buffalo Bill and prove your courage in the new Legends of Dead Town, the home of the largest horrors of Europe.

Bimbopoli: the perfect area for the kids, who will love the attractions dedicated to the mascot. The Kangaroo can jump with Arturo, speeding on the Hare Express or take a ride in the Matta house, who likes to move around and make their visitors fly.

Dinoland: well 12.000m2 dedicated to dinosaurs make Dinoland prehistoric thematic area largest in Italy. Strolling surely, even if under the gaze of the predator, you can visit many attractions, from Raptotana with its swirling nests, the Monosauro, which will bring you face to face with Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, and other Pterodactyls whilst traveling on a dinosaur egg, the Rexplorer, which blows through between prehistoric jungle and ravines.

Route 66: America dream came to Wonderland. Take a ride on a Cadillac sull'Aquasplash and race like a real sull'iSpeed ​​race car, one of the jewels of the Park, the fastest roller coaster in Italy, or challenge the eng of Ratatonga in an addicting shooting at the water target .

Enrich your holiday with a day to Mirabilandia! You can find all the information on the opening days, tickets and attractions in the Park Official Site.
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    Riccione is partner of Club del Sole, the biggest Italian network of Camping Villages! 

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