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Our tips on what to see in and around Riccione

Discover Riccione, Rimini, Gradara and San Marino Riccione by the International Camping Village

The holidays, the sun on the beaches of Romagna, local ... Riccione is all this and much more. The city also offers interesting artistic and cultural interest for the curious tourists, and the Romagna area offers many interesting destinations, from small villages on the hills, going back to the Roman era, which has left many relics, or go on to the twentieth century and the modern era.
The Riccione Camping Village offers a number of places to visit if you want to leave the beach to discover the historical, artistic and cultural territory.


Let's start from Riccione, a modern city from tourism point of view and not only that, but it has ancient origins, as evidenced by the Roman remains visible in the open air archaeological site in San Lorenzo in Strada. In the Middle Ages it passes Riccione Under the Malatesta family. The family Agolanti, they tied, he built his residence in the city, a castle now renovated and used for exhibitions and events. You can admire it from the outside on the hills of Riccione and stroll around in the park.
At the end of the nineteenth Riccione begins to assert itself as a seaside and tourist resort and in the twenties and thirties the city a boom. Many families of high society are built here their summer residences, villas and cottages in the delightful Art Nouveau that are still intact.
The most famous are the Villa Lodi Fé, one of the first villas in the Adriatic Riviera chalet, Villa Mussolini, bought by Benito Mussolini in 1934 and for ten years the seat of his holidays, and finally Villa Franceschi, with its Art Nouveau decorations, now houses the Gallery of modern art and contemporary.
A walk to the center you will discover all the beauties of the city, until his work of modern art on the waterfront recently modernized you can admire the fountain "the rain forest." It's a real tribute to water, its sounds and all its colors: clear how its jets, as blue as the sea beyond, green like glass columns kissed by the sun creates magical reflections.
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The Arch of Augustus, entrance to the city in Roman times, the bridge of Tiberius, to the scenes of the films of Fellini drawn on the walls of the houses in Borgo San Giuliano Rimini ... is all this, a city which marries its ancient Roman origins with throughout its history to create the modernity of one of the major tourist destinations of the Romagna.
Within a few hundred meters you will find the Surgeon, an archaeological site that shows the audience a Roman house of 200 A.D. It belonged to a doctor, very interesting for the kit "of the trade objects" of the time in the show, and within walking distance of the temple Malatesta, a Renaissance gem that will amaze you with its original decor of its walls and the chapels inside.
While you are in the center do not miss the chance to admire the Square of the Three Martyrs and Piazza Cavour, with the typical "Fontana della Pigna" and the most important buildings of the city bordering on these two squares. At the end of the day, before returning, you can enjoy an aperitif at one of the many trendy bars of Rimini, to fully enjoy the taste of the holidays!


Gradara Castle was immortalized by Dante in his Divine Comedy, because this is where the story takes place of the unhappy lovers Paolo and Francesca, but through the halls of the fortress have alternated many other illustrious families such as Malatesta, Della Rovere; even the famous Lucrezia Borgia lived there for some years.
You can discover the traces of this illustrious past with a visit to the castle, or choose to wander through the streets of the village, perfectly preserved, where every summer there are many food and wine festivals and not, medieval festivals, exhibitions of falconry and much more (the list full on site Gradara Pro Loco). The commitment in welcoming and heritage conservation did get in Gradara the prestigious Orange Flag of the Touring Club, which rewards excellence of the small inland villages.

San Marino

A visit to San Marino is a necessary step if you are on holiday on the Adriatic Riviera. Just 20km from the sea the atmosphere is completely different, and Mount Titano dominates the landscape. San Marino, on its top, is the capital of the oldest republic in the world, which still welcomes its visitors in a village where time seems to stand still. Walking through its streets and feel the medieval atmosphere of a wonderful city that will enchant the whole family.
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