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The Route of Via Romea Germanica

The Via Romea Pilgrimage Route, or Via Romea Germanica, is a long route that goes through three European States: Germany, Austria and Italy. It is an ancient route, crossing the very heart of the continent

The first documents about this route date back to 13th century, to the transcript of a fictional dialogue between two monks, describing this itinerary as the best one to get to the Vatican from central Europe.

We find along the Via Romea some of the most important landmarks of cha Christian art and History, such as the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua, or the works of art from the Byzantine times in Ravenna.

Along more than 2.200 kilometres of the route you can also admire beautiful landscapes, from the Alps to the Po Valley, from the Apennines to the Italian lakes.

Even though the via Romea is not as famous as the Via Francigena, every day thousands of travellers walk for a part or the entire route to Rome. In the last years the Via Romea Germanica has become one of the key roads for pilgrims, hikers and runners.

Some details and numbers about this Route:

  • Covers a 2.200km length
  • Crosses 3 States (Germany, Austria, Italy)
  • Goes through 94 stops (44 in Germany, 4 in Austria, 46 in Italy)
  • It touches its highest point on the Brenner Pass with 1.370 m
  • It is marked by orange arrows on white background and by metal plates with the symbol of the association and “VIA FRANCIGENA” marked on them.

Travelling on the Via Romea Germanica, following the same steps as thousands of pilgrims in the past ages, is an unforgettable experience: it means diving into Christian history, Culture and Nature in three of the most important Nations of Europe.

You can travel on the Romea Pilgrimage Route in many ways (on foot, by bike, by horse…), but either way this travel will reward you with breath-taking landscapes and great spirituality moments.


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